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Webcast excerpt: The difference between bonds and dividend-paying stocks


… You see this conduct that transpires quite a little bit when you are in a small desire charge natural environment, folks are making an attempt to get added generate. But the thing you have to recall is that when you very own a stock, irrespective of whether or not it is a true estate investment have confidence in, a high-dividend-yielding stock or fund, it is an equity.

So when you have a downturn in the equity market, you are likely to see the principal price in those people types of investments decline quite dramatically. So, again, certainly, it is an earnings-making asset nevertheless, from a diversification standpoint, it will not hold up the way a bond will hold up in a downturn in the market. And you do want that diversification to aid you minimize some of the volatility in your general portfolio.

So it is a thing that buyers have to be very cognizant of. When they’re having on that added threat, there is a consequence involved with it, and they could see some substantial principal erosion that comes together with that in a downturn.

Crucial details

All investing is issue to threat, including the attainable reduction of the revenue you spend.

Diversification does not make sure a income or protect versus a reduction.

Investments in bonds are issue to desire charge, credit, and inflation threat. 

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