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Vegetable oil import down by 2% in November

Import of vegetable oils diminished by 2 for every cent all through November this calendar year in comparison with November 2019.

A statement by BV Mehta, Government Director of Solvent Extractors’ Affiliation (SEA) of India, reported the place imported 11,02,899 tonnes of vegetable oils all through November 2020 as towards 11,27,220 tonnes in November 2019, registering a drop of 2.15 for every cent.

Of the vegetable oil imported all through the period, the share of palm oil diminished and that of soft oils went up all through November.

The place imported 6,eighteen,468 tonnes (57 for every cent) of palm oil (like CPO, RBD palmolein, crude olein, and crude palm kernel oil) all through November 2020 as towards 6,72,363 tonnes (61 for every cent) in November 2019. The import share of soft oils such as soy oil, sunflower oil greater to 4,64,861 tonnes (forty three for every cent) in November as towards 4,28,061 tonnes (39 for every cent) in November 2019.

However the import obligation on CPO (crude palm oil) was reduced to 27.5 for every cent from 37.5 for every cent on November 27, the obligation on soft oils remained unchanged. “This reduction of obligation on CPO may possibly inspire larger sized import of palm oil at the charge of soft oil import in the coming months,” he reported in the statement.

Crude import at 99%

Considering the fact that India has positioned RBD palmolein below the restricted list and allowed import topic to licence, India is now importing around 99 for every cent of crude edible oils. The import of crude edible oil greater to 10,73,329 tonnes (99 for every cent) in November 2020 when in comparison with 9,seventy eight,015 tonnes (89 for every cent) in November 2019.

A tiny parcel of 10,000 tonnes of refined oil (RBD palmolein) was imported all through November 2020 as towards one,22,409 tonnes in November 2019.


As on December one, there was a full stock of 14,31,000 tonnes of edible oil at several ports and in the pipeline. This included an approximated stock of 5,81,000 tonnes (CPO 2,60,000 tonnes, RBD palmolein 10,000 tonnes, degummed soybean oil one,70,000 tonnes, crude sunflower oil one,forty,000 tonnes and rapeseed oil one,000 tonnes) at several ports, and pipeline stock of eight,fifty,000 tonnes.

The full stock of edible oils was at 15,seventy eight,000 tonnes as on November 2020.

Non-edible oil

PFAD (palm fatty acid distillate) and palm stearin are the important non-edible oils staying imported by the cleaning soap and ole-chemical field.

The statement reported the import of non-edible oils diminished by 27 for every cent all through November 2020. The place imported 19,570 tonnes of non-edible oils in comparison with 26,796 tonnes in November 2019. The reduction was because of to bigger domestic output and reduced need, the statement reported.