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The different Types of Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Most manufacturing industries choose polyethylene foam as their packaging solution. In fact, polyethylene is even one of the most used packaging materials in the world. The material is a type of flexible and recyclable plastic. It is manufactured, just like all other plastics, with oil. But do not worry, it is environmentally friendly.

The Different Polyethylene Foam Solutions

The main types of polyethylene foam available on the market we are low density PE (LDPE), medium density PE (MDPE) and COEX.

Low Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Low density polyethylene foam is a bright and flexible material, also transparent by nature. This plastic material is often colored in white, which has a dynamic effect on the print colors. LDPE can be colored in other colors on request, according to your manufacturing industry’s needs. Of course, such a demand implies a higher minimum quantity and an additional price.

Medium Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Medium density polyethylene foam is matte and more rigid than the low density one. But both are naturally translucent, a bit like tracing paper. Like LDPE, it can also be dyed white or in other colors of your choice. Reliable manufacturers like http://novostrat.com/ offers a wide range or quality MDPE foam packaging solutions.

COEX or Coextruded Polyethylene Film Packaging

COEX or coextruded polyethylene film consists of several layers of polyethylene, with each layer having its specific properties. Thanks to coextrusion, it is possible to combine the advantages and properties of different materials in a single film. Thus, it is possible to opt for a glossy finish on one side and matte on the other. It is also possible to give a different color to each layer, as is the case for shipping packaging for example. Mailing envelopes usually have a white outer side that can be printed and a colored inner side that makes the film opaque.

Reasons to Choose Polyethylene Foam Packaging:

  • It is incredibly resistant and withstands both tropical heat and extreme cold.
  • It is also water resistant.
  • It is recyclable.
  • As it is a thermoplastic material, the raw material can be melted and reused in almost unlimited ways.
  • Polyethylene is inexpensive, compared to paper or bioplastic made from corn starch.
  • PE packaging or bags have a long service life and can therefore be used several times.
  • The production process for polyethylene packaging is less energy-intensive than that for paper packaging. In addition, plastic is more compact and lighter than paper. Thus, transporting plastic packaging has a lower impact on the environment.