Ten indicted in $1.4B multi-state hospital testing fraud scheme

Ten people today have been indicted in connection to a plan of applying rural hospitals throughout various states to allegedly monthly bill private insurance firms for fraudulent laboratory testing claims.

The conspirators billed insurers roughly $one.4 billion for laboratory urinalysis drug assessments and blood assessments and were being paid about $400 million. This allegedly went on from the conclusion of 2015 to the starting of 2018.

What is THE Impact

The indictment alleges that the defendants utilized their various administration firms to take more than compact, rural hospitals in economic difficulties. 

From there, they utilized the hospitals to monthly bill private insurance firms for millions of bucks of lab assessments that were being commonly executed at exterior laboratories controlled by the conspirators and billed by companies also affiliated to the plan, the indictment mentioned. 

While the assessments were being executed in exterior laboratories, the insurers were being billed as if

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