Does business school research deliver real-world benefits?

When Richard Locke at MIT’s Sloan School of Management was researching Nike’s technique to corporate duty in the early 2000s, he arrived across information on labour benchmarks in its factories that sparked reforms much over and above the sportswear company.

His experience supplies a pointer to how business educational facilities can perform with business to provide about constructive social transform, bridging a divide involving strategies and observe that critics argue continues to be much also vast.

Following lengthy negotiations to get obtain to corporate documents and independence to publish his findings, Prof Locke, now provost at Brown College, was able to reveal the limited success of labour audits on your own in improving operating ailments. Far better progress arrived when they had been blended with measures to deal with underlying issues, this kind of as training and enabling suppliers to timetable their perform superior.

The conclusions, disseminated about a quantity

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