Make college an assumption. Prove it with a plan.

I can speak from experience about assumptions since I lived with a effective one particular correct from the get started.

My dad and mom equally assumed that my siblings and I would go to college—no ifs or buts. Embedded in that assumption was an appealing equilibrium that noticed a college or university diploma as a way to align the practical aspect of college or university with our other interests—all primarily based on a adore of learning. This twofold assumption gave my sisters, brother, and me the freedom to investigate our passions. And, in a way, we all did just that, pursuing what we really required to do within the arts, drugs, theology, history, and regulation.

The history of our college or university inspiration

The concept of college or university as inevitable can be traced back to 2 critical influencers in my parents’ life who assumed goals for each and every

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