Best of BS Opinion: Successful CEO transitions, goals for defence, and more

What would make the proposed listing of LIC a landmark conclusion in the history of the company? How can the authorities use the international oil rate fall to its advantage? Who really should get the flak for selecting the ‘wrong’ CEO? Alokananda Chakraborty sums up.

Instead of a switch toward protectionism, which does not augur very well for a sustainable recovery, the authorities really should

carry on to drive reforms to make improvements to the simplicity of carrying out small business, argues our best edit. Click right here to study…

India no more time has to hoard its foreign trade. Unquestionably, the person restrictions on the remittance of foreign trade are not so significant that the authorities really should experience concerned about capital flight, suggests our 2nd edit. Go through on…

If India is to have any opportunity of doubling exports, it ought to very first recognise exports and creation

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