The move to value accelerates in 2021, spurred by lack of fee-for-service payments during pandemic

Just one of the stunning results of COVID-19 this past yr is how it has aided transfer healthcare supply toward benefit-dependent treatment. That is expected to continue and maximize in 2021.

Through uncertainty, instead of shifting again to the stability of the previous payment-for-assistance model, providers noticed the reward of shifting down the path to benefit.

As a lot more than one particular professional has reported, if you had been counting on payment-for-assistance to get paid all through the pandemic, you weren’t acquiring paid. If you had a benefit-dependent arrangement, you had been still acquiring paid.

Orthopedic techniques had been down by 90%, in accordance to Dave Terry, CEO and founder of Archway Well being. Oncology was down by 20% because cancer techniques could not be put on keep as orthopedic techniques could. 

Suppliers in shared benefit preparations for orthopedics had a constant money move of about $one hundred sixty

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