A message from our CEO: Helping you through uncertain times


Tim Buckley: These are unprecedented times.  We are residing with the uncertainty, pressure, and challenges of a world overall health crisis combined with an orchestrated financial shutdown. 

We know the slowdown is not induced by a structural dilemma, but we do not know how lengthy it will past. Even epidemiologists just cannot pin down when the virus will subside and we will return to some perception of normalcy. 

In the meantime, unemployment is surging and the financial details will get even worse. Prepare to hear double-digit unemployment figures and sizeable contractions in GDP—20% or extra for the 2nd quarter. 

But, do not overreact and do not try to time it. Don’t forget the marketplaces are ahead looking and a lot of this information is previously priced in. Certain, equity marketplaces could get even worse if the slowdown extends more, but also know that the marketplaces will rebound much right

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