Lyft Pass for Healthcare allows patients to schedule rides at no cost

Photo by d3signGetty Photographs

A recently-released program from Lyft is helping clients and hospitals to steer clear of missed health care appointments. 

By way of Lyft Go for Health care, eligible clients, health plan associates and Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries can use the Lyft app to request rides to their health care appointments with no expense. 

The program lets the sponsoring healthcare or social expert services business to protect the expense of the rides. Sponsors are supplied command in excess of the service by placing a full price range, a maximum expense for each experience, the pickup and fall-off destinations, and when the move can be made use of.

Sponsoring companies covering the experience difficulty Lyft passes to their riders for use when they request a experience. Lyft then provides the companies with reviews on usage and expending.


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