Darktrace Cyber Intel Director Justin Fier on Defending Healthcare

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“I hope all professional medical institutions huge and tiny are operating drills all around how to operate in an offline capacity…”

Justin Fier, director for cyber intelligence and analytics at Darktrace, is recognised as a single of the industry’s top cyber intelligence specialists, performing with the AI cyber stability firm’s strategic international consumers on danger assessment, defensive cyber functions, protecting IoT, and device finding out. He spoke to us about why, in the midst of a international pandemic, we are witnessing a spike in attacks on the health care sector the distinctive hazards this sort of attacks pose and why IT and stability leaders have to consider inspiration from the ambition and imagination revealed by their professional medical peers when it comes to acquiring very best practise approaches to shield their facilities.

Ransomware is rife. To what extent is health care a key concentrate on and why?

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