How coronavirus has exposed the pain points of migration and globalisation

Rewind to the ten years of the 90s. The was the period in which India was ushering in financial liberalisation and a catchphrase called globalisation began capturing political creativity the world around. Nationwide boundaries turned blurred, financial integration and cross-border migration collected momentum, as world leaders bought the globalisation story even prior to it began to perform out.

Fast-forward to the present day. Out of the blue, globalisation is no longer noticed as the panacaea it was twenty five-30 yrs ago and migration, before regarded as a appealing social system that supported the result in of a worldwide community, is now viewed with trepidation and fear. What prompted this 180-diploma switch in mindset?

In advance of we response that problem, let’s take a swift look at some quantities. By a single estimate, some seventeen million Indians were residing outside the house the region in 2017 and about 391,000 went abroad

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