Ghent University engages Atos to build third Tier1 VSC supercomputer supporting research in Flanders

Paris, France Ghent, Belgium – 24 June 2020

Atos, a world wide leader in electronic transformation, announces that it has signed a six-year contract for a worth of over 10 Million Euro with Ghent University (UGent) to produce the next Tier1 supercomputer for the Flemish Supercomputer Center VSC. This supercomputer will enable researchers from academic analysis institutions, federal government and industry to speed up time-consuming calculations and solve complex computational difficulties: from modeling temperature and local climate adjust to supporting the advancement of renewable power and accelerating the lookup for new medicine. Most drastically, supercomputers have not too long ago been instrumental in analysis combatting COVID-19, such as in Flanders.

Antoine Kerrinckx, CEO at Atos in Belux: “Know-how is becoming increasingly crucial in our culture. We believe it is crucial that researchers have the proper resources and infrastructure at their disposal. We are delighted to add to the development

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