We’re focused on results: Yours, not just ours

It commences with our exceptional composition. Vanguard is owned by the cash, which in change are owned by their investors (you). That means we don’t have to make gains for outdoors proprietors or public shareholders.

But that’s not the place the tale ends. We’re continuously searching for opportunities to supply you with more price and assistance improve your odds for investing achievement.

It is not just about low costs (but it partly is)

Below are the most modern examples of how we’re doing work to give you the greatest price on your investments:

  • Announcing lessen expense ratios, yet again and yet again. We’re reporting lessen charges on 5 cash and ETFs. You could have witnessed our announcement in December that we lowered expense ratios on fifty six cash and ETFs (exchange-traded cash) in 2019. We’re continue to at it. Below are the 5 cash we included to the record:
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