‘Exempt sales and service of farm equipment from lockdown’

Farm machinery makers are in search of exemption from the lockdown to run their income and assistance centres to cater to the farmers’ necessity through the rabi harvest period.

Crops these types of as wheat and gram are all set for harvest across key components of North India.

The Centre has exempted farm inputs these types of as fertilisers, seeds and pesticides from lockdown. While the inter- and intra-State movement of farm machinery these types of as combines and harvesters, the implementation of the order is poor on the ground. “We are urging the Govt to think about inserting farm machinery in the exempt group and allow functions of income and assistance centres,” said Shenu Agarwal, CEO of Escorts’ Farm Machinery small business.

Farmers would have to have the will need of assistance centres to get their tractors and other gear fixed ahead of the harvest period. Any gear bought

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