Board gets GEAC nod to take up BRL-1 trials of GM rubber in Assam

The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) has lately provided acceptance to Rubber Board to carry out the confined field trials of the GM rubber produced by the Point out-operate entity.

The Rubber Research Institute of India, beneath the Rubber Board, has produced GM rubber that has more copies of the MnSOD (Manganese Superoxide Dimutase) gene, earning it tolerant to stress filled climatic ailments and clearly show significantly less incidence of tapping panel dryness syndrome, resulting in far better efficiency. GEAC, in its meeting on July 28, authorized the Biosafety Research Degree – 1 (BRL-1) trials of GM rubber.

NOC attained

“We are prepared to begin field demo as shortly as the formal interaction of authorization in this regard is attained from the Central federal government. Getting a perennial tree crop with economic existence span of far more than 20 years, the proposed field demo will very last for at minimum

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