405 New Oracle Security Patches to Land

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273 vulnerabilities are remotely exploitable without authentication…

Oracle users, brace yourselves: an eye-watering 405 new security vulnerabilities need patching, with the avalanche of software updates arriving later today (April 14, 2020).

Over half of them, or a total of 273, are potentially remotely exploitable without authentication, Oracle warned – suggesting some major patching sessions ahead.

The release is part of the company’s quarterly set of security advisories, with initial details provided by the company so customers can assess whether they are impacted.

Among them, a chunky 34 new security patches for Oracle’s suite of financial services applications, 16 of could be abused over a network without requiring user credentials.

In a sign of how serious some of the financial services application vulnerabilities are likely to be, they include one with a CVSS score of a critical 9.8, suggesting both high impact and easy exploitability. More details are

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