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Sugar stays unchanged in routine trade

Sugar prices ruled flat on Tuesday on plan demand from customers, supply and volumes. At the Vashi wholesale market place, prices showed a drop of about ₹2 a quintal. Higher providing force at producer amount kept the activities restricted at naka and mill amount. Morale was weak, reported resources.

Arrivals were at 35-37 and truck hundreds (of 10 tonnes each and every) and local dispatches were at 36-37 hundreds. Inventory at Vashi was about 80-eighty five hundreds. Freight fees were continual at ₹85-a hundred per bag.

On Monday evening, 18-twenty mills available tenders and offered about 38,000-40,000 luggage at ₹3,one hundred sixty-3,250 for S-quality and ₹3,260-₹3,370 for M-quality.

The Bombay Sugar Merchants Association location fees(₹/quintal): S-quality 3,332-3,382 and M-quality 3,four hundred-3,602.

Naka delivery fees (₹/quintal): S-quality 3,310-3,380 and M-quality 3,410-3,480.