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Success Tips for Young Entrepreneurs in Germany

Germany has been named one of the best countries in which to start a business. One of the key reasons for this is its stable economy and availability of support, professional help and funding. 

Businesses set in Germany are also known for their longevity, prosperity and recognition all over the world. However, this doesn’t mean that succeeding as a young entrepreneur in Germany is all rosy. It comes with its own share of difficulties and the bright angle is that these difficulties are surmountable. 

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Read below some of the most useful tips for succeeding as a young entrepreneur in Germany.

  • Develop a Strong Greeting Culture 

Like in most countries, greetings have a place of importance in the business world. Job applicants have been known to lose out on job opportunities because of an inability to greet as required. Does this apply to entrepreneurship? Yes. Greeting helps to establish your presence among your potential clients. 

Germans appreciate greetings as a gesture of respect. A strong greeting culture would include a firm handshake, greeting a person by name, and maintaining eye contact. It is not advised to offer someone of a higher cadre, a handshake.

  • Good Table Etiquettes Are an Added Advantage 

A business meal is a good opportunity to close a deal and how well you have each one determines if the client moves from being a potential to a confirmed client. In that case, you need to have good table manners

Nevertheless, remember that the major thing is not the food, rather it is the business conversation. So when picking out a meal, pick something that won’t be messy to eat. And don’t spend half the day studying the menu. You are at liberty to ask for water at any time of the day but resist the urge to order wine if the person hosting the meal doesn’t give the signal.

  • Make a Good First Impression 

Most people use as little as five seconds to decide if they want to do business with you. There are several ways to make a good first impression but to help them decide immediately, you have to take care of your physical appearance, conversational manner, body language, and facial expressions. 

Before reacting to a certain unexpected situation, consider the fact that your response could either make or mar your business experience.

  • Learn to Make Small Talk 

A business discussion doesn’t shoot out of the blues. It starts with little informal conversations. You have to contribute positively to these discussions, not allowing your host to do all the talking. Try as much as possible to keep the topic away from controversial issues such as politics or emotional topics as death or a pandemic.

In addition to the above, dress in a way acceptable in the German business culture, (you can learn more about German dress codes) and pay attention to people around you. If you are interested in the different types of business you can set up in Germany, be sure to read up reviews online. You are just on the right track to establishing or boosting your business.