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States take measures to revive 202 sick sugar mills across the country

The Condition governments are having a variety of measures, like non-public, public partnerships and collaborations to revive non-operational sugar mills.

Not too long ago, the Ministry of Customer Affairs, Food stuff and General public Distribution informed the Lok Sabha that there are 202 non-operational sugar mills across the States although 493 mills are operational.

“In the situation of non-public sector sugar mills, it is the responsibility of the business people to acquire necessary measures to operationalise their closed sugar mills, and in situation of co-operative/public sector sugar mills, the responsibility lies with the co-operative societies/respective point out governments” the Ministry said.

Maharashtra, just one of the major sugarcane manufacturing States, has passed the Resolution in 2002 and framed requirements to rejuvenate non-operational sugar mills and their allied models on retain the services of, partnership or collaboration basis.

In Karnataka, the federal government has resolved to lease out the sick cooperative sugar factories to non-public business people on a very long-expression lease. 8 cooperative sugar factories have been leased out to non-public entrepreneur so significantly.

The Gujarat federal government has sanctioned a liquidity aid personal loan for Rs twenty five crore to the Vadodara District Cooperative Sugarcane Growers Union Ltd, to pay back sugarcane arrears to the farmers to endure this non-operational sugar mill in the latest sugar time.

The Andhra Pradesh federal government has shaped a group of Ministers to study and recommend actions for the enhancement of the mills in the Condition. The Bihar federal government has taken a coverage decision to revive the sick sugar mills of the Bihar Condition Sugar Company Ltd by transferring them to non-public/public sector business people on very long expression lease by bid system management.

In accordance to the Central Authorities non-procedure of the sugar mills is normally attributable to no availability of suitable sugarcane, uneconomic dimensions of the plant, absence of modernization, the higher value of performing funds, lousy recovery from sugarcane, absence of professional management, overstaffing and monetary crunch etcetera.