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Oilmeals exports up by 133 per cent in December

Tightening global source of soybean and the strike by oilseed personnel unions in Argentina assisted India file a expansion in oilmeals exports during December 2020.

The Solvent Extractors’ Association (SEA) of India, which has come out with the provisional export data of oilmeals for December 2020, said that export of oilmeals amplified to 5,12,997 tonnes during December 2020 as against two,20,404 tonnes in the corresponding period of 2019, recording a expansion of 133 for each cent.

It said that the overall export of oilmeals stood at 24,61,696 tonnes during April-December of 2020 as against 19,55,276 tonnes during the identical period of 2019, recording a expansion of 26 for each cent.

Stating that the export of soybean meal is back again on monitor, BV Mehta, Government Director of SEA, attributed this to the tightening globe source of soybeans and to the interruption in the source of soybean meal from Argentina because of to the strike by oilseed workers’ unions there.

Export of soybean meal stood at two,fifty one,221 tonnes and rapeseed meal at 1,forty one,866 tonnes during December 2020. The cumulative export of soybean meal stood at 8,88,202 tonnes and rapeseed meal at 9,16,715 tonnes during April-December of 2020.

Bangladesh imports up

Exports of oilmeals to Bangladesh amplified considerably during April-December of 2020. It imported three,40,771 tonnes of oilmeals from India during April-December of 2020 as against 34,552 tonnes in the corresponding period of 2019. This involved 1,62,771 tonnes of rapeseed meal, ninety four,241 tonnes of ricebran extractions, and 83,759 tonnes of soybean meal.

Through April-December 2020, South Korea imported six,80,791 tonnes (7,27,194 tonnes) of oilmeals from India, followed by Vietnam at three,26,630 tonnes (two,42,622 tonnes), United states at 1,76,528 tonnes (1,fifty,191 tonnes), Thailand at 1,32,737 tonnes (1,85,327 tonnes), and Taiwan at 1,03,398 tonnes (98,288 tonnes) of oilmeals.

Through this period, the oilmeals exports from Kandla port stood at six,73,192 tonnes, followed by Mundra at six,39,088 tonnes, Mumbai (which includes JNPT) at two,81,274 tonnes, and Kolkata at two,03,935 tonnes. Other ports exported six,64,207 tonnes of oilmeals.