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Lying on your CV: Not a Good Idea!

Simple omission, small falsification or big invention, in the world of work where the competition is stiff and the prospect of unemployment frightens, it can be tempting to “embellish” your CV to better your odds at finding a job. But is it really useful to falsify your professional experiences, invent degrees and hide inactivity? No, it isn’t! 

Protect your Reputation by Remaining Honest on your CV

Legally, you do not risk much except if you choose a regulated profession for which a diploma is compulsory (nurse, lawyer, etc.). But that does not mean you do not risk anything at all. And depending on the nature of the lie, the consequences can be hard to bear. First and foremost, you risk being discredited. If lying on your CV is easy, it is much less during an interview, especially when the recruiter is a master in the art of unmasking counterfeiters.

Taking the risk of building a reputation as a liar can be dangerous in a world where information spreads quickly. And of course, the greater the lie is, the bigger the risks get. How can they trust you if you are able to invent a diploma, for instance? If you have to make a cv now, choose a CV creator that proposes attractive layouts and templates to catch the recruiter’s eye and to have a perfect CV structure instead of wasting time on some lies which can be a costly mistake.

Preserve Integrity by Avoiding Lies on your CV

Even if the falsification works well enough to make you get the job, you would recruited on the basis of a lie. It is a detail which can be hard to assume on a daily basis. How to be fulfilled in your work when you know that your presence in the company is based on a lie that can be discovered at any time? Plus, you are more likely to be incompetent in your future position, which will make you a very bad reputation with your colleagues. You also risk to lose the job rapidly. If your approach was intended to give you more confidence in order to get out of unemployment, there is surely a more effective technique to achieve this goal!

Lying on a CV is an Increasingly Difficult Fraud

More and more headhunters and recruitment agencies call upon specialized companies to check the candidates’ career path. Knowing that recruiting a bad profile can also cost them a lot, they prefer to take as many precautions as needed to avoid such problems. Therefore, lying on your CV can be a wasted effort.