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Is Biothane Leash Perfect for Hiking with a Dog?

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Dog leashes come in a variety of patterns and styles. While some leashes are made of cotton ropes, others can be found with nylon webbing. Given the plethora of options, one is bound to get overwhelmed when choosing a perfect dog leash. When it comes to investing in a dog leash, one must keep their pet’s comfort in mind. After all, the leash you choose must be pet-friendly. If you love taking your dog on hiking trips, you should give considerable thought when picking up the leash. Besides being comfortable, the leash should be strong, sturdy, and durable. 

Biothane leashes fit the bill of a perfect dog leash for hiking. So, what is this Biothane, and what makes it superior to other leashes? First, let’s dig deeper into the Biothane leash. 

Biothane is a brand of webbing material manufactured by the Biothane Coated Webbing Corp. Biothane is not only a longer-lasting webbing material, it is waterproof and has dust resistance.

So what gives Biothane these characteristics? Biothane is actually polyester webbing that has a coating of either PVC or TPU. This unique combination of webbing and layer gives extra strength, flexibility, and durability to the Biothane material. 

What makes Biothane leashes perfect for hiking with pets?

Regular leashes don’t have a tolerance to weather elements or temperature fluctuations. Besides this, leashes made of other materials get dirty too quickly. Getting the mud and sand off from the leash becomes another problem in itself. Whether you enjoy hiking in the woods or to the beaches, you would want your dog leash to be dry and dirt-free. The best part about Biothane leashes is that is it waterproof and can be cleaned easily. The webbing used for making Biothane leashes solves all the grungy leash issues. 

Other reasons to switch to Biothane dog leashes

Leashes made of nylon-coated webbing have a smoother surface and finish as compared to uncoated webbing material. The smoother finish makes the leash more comfortable. Besides this, uncoated webbing leashes, when dirty, often feel coarse like sandpaper. 

Biothane is often cited as a leather alternative for its texture and feel. Biothane is becoming a popular choice as a leather alternative. However, unlike leather, Biothane is easy to maintain and can look brand new even after repeated use. Most dog owners complain that the dog leash doesn’t last longer than a year. You will change your mind once you invest in a Biothane leash. 

While there are plenty of coated webbing leashes available in the market, Biothane leashes are of premium quality. The pattern, texture, style, and color of Biothane coated webbing are superior to other materials. Besides this, maintaining and cleaning Biothane is easy. All you need to do is wipe it clean with a wet cloth whenever the leash gets dirty. 

Is BioThane Dog-friendly?

For any dog owner, the safety of their dog is paramount. Biothane leashes are absolutely pet-friendly and present no harm to their health. Besides this, all regulatory guidelines and procedures like CPSIA 2008, REACH and PROP 65 are followed while manufacturing Biothane leashes.