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FT Global MBA ranking 2021: methodology and key

This Monetary Instances MBA rating capabilities the world’s ideal a hundred full-time MBA programmes. A complete of 143 schools took section in the 2021 version. All participating schools meet up with the FT’s entry criteria, together with currently being accredited by Equis or the AACSB. 

The FT surveys alumni three several years following completing their MBA. For schools to enter the rating calculations, the FT calls for that a bare minimum of twenty for every cent of alumni reply to the study, with at minimum twenty absolutely completed surveys. This yr only, simply because of disruption from the Covid-19 disaster, the FT deemed schools with a decreased reaction amount. About six,570 from the course of 2017 completed our study — a reaction amount of forty four for every cent. 

FT MBA rating 2021 — top rated a hundred

Find out which schools are in our rating of MBA levels. Study how the table was compiled.

The rating has twenty different criteria. Alumni responses advise 8 criteria that collectively add 61 for every cent of its body weight. Eleven criteria are calculated from school info, accounting for 29 for every cent of the rating. KPMG audits a quantity of schools just about every yr. The remaining criterion, the research rank, counts for ten for every cent. 

Alumni-informed criteria are centered on the info collected above three several years. Responses from the 2021 study have fifty for every cent of complete body weight and individuals from 2020 and 2019, 25 for every cent each and every. If only two several years of info are readily available, the weighting is split sixty:40 if info are from 2021 and 2020, or 70:30 if they are from 2021 and 2019. For salary figures, the weighting is fifty:fifty for two years’ info. 

The initially two alumni criteria are average profits three several years following graduation and salary increase in contrast with pre-MBA salary, the two weighted at twenty for every cent. For the latter, fifty percent of the body weight applies to the absolute increase and fifty percent to the percentage rise (published). Existing salaries are converted to US pounds applying November 2020 IMF obtaining electric power parity costs. 

The salaries of non-gain and general public sector personnel and full-time students are eradicated, as are the highest and cheapest salaries from each and every school, to work out a normalised average. At last, salaries are weighted to mirror variances in between different sectors. 

“Value for money” for each and every school is calculated by dividing their average alumni salary three several years following graduation by their MBA’s complete cost, together with tuition, shed salary, opportunity cost and other bills. Any economical help presented to alumni is subtracted from the complete. 

The FT also collects facts from schools on their current college, recently enrolled students and the most recent graduating course. University criteria incorporate the range of team, board members and students by gender, nationality and the MBA’s international reach. For gender criteria, schools with a fifty:fifty composition score highest. 

The research rank is centered on the quantity of article content by full-time college in fifty internationally recognised educational and practitioner journals. The rank combines the quantity of publications from January 2018 to August 2020, with the quantity weighted relative to college dimensions. 

The company social accountability rank is centered on the proportion of teaching hrs from main programs dedicated to CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues. It carries a body weight of three for every cent. 

The FT Global MBA rating is a relative listing. Educational facilities are rated in opposition to each and every other by calculating a Z-score for each and every criterion. The Z-score is a statistic that demonstrates exactly where a score lies in relation to the suggest. These scores are then weighted as outlined in the rating essential and additional collectively for a closing score. 

After taking away schools that did not meet up with the reaction amount threshold from the alumni study, a initially model is calculated applying all remaining schools. The school at the bottom is eradicated and a 2nd model is calculated and so on till we reach the top rated a hundred. The top rated a hundred schools are rated accordingly to deliver the 2020 checklist.

Some schools that took section in the rating formerly were being unable to take part this time because of to problems from the pandemic. 

Judith Pizer of Pizer-MacMillan acted as the FT’s databases expert.

Monetary Instances MBA 2021 essential
Weights for rating criteria are proven in brackets as a percentage of the overall rating. 

Wage now **: average alumnus salary three several years following completion, US$ PPP equivalent. This determine is not made use of in the rating. # 

Weighted salary (twenty): average alumnus salary three several years following completion, US$ PPP equivalent, with adjustment for variations in between sectors. #

Wage increase (twenty): average variance in alumni salary from ahead of the MBA to now. 50 percent of this determine is calculated according to the absolute salary increase and fifty percent according to the percentage increase relative to pre-MBA salary. # 

Value for money (three): calculated applying salary now, study course length, tuition and other expenses, together with shed profits throughout the MBA. # 

Career development (three): calculated according to alterations in the degree of seniority and the dimensions of business alumni do the job in now, in contrast with ahead of their MBA. # 

Aims reached (three): the extent to which alumni fulfilled their stated plans or factors for doing an MBA. # 

Professions company (three): efficiency of the school professions company for profession counselling, personal development, networking activities, internship lookup and recruitment, as rated by their alumni. # 

Employed at three months (two): percentage of the most current graduating course which had found employment or accepted a task offer inside three months of completing their experiments. The determine in brackets is the percentage of the course for which the school was equipped to deliver employment info and is made use of to work out the school’s closing score in this classification. § 

Alumni propose (three): calculated according to range by alumni of three schools from which they would recruit MBA graduates. # 

Female college (two): percentage of feminine college. 

Female students (two): percentage of feminine students on the full-time MBA. 

Ladies on board (1): percentage of feminine members on the school’s advisory board. 

Worldwide college (four): calculated according to the range of college by citizenship and the percentage whose nationality differs from their state of employment — the determine published in the table. ‡ 

Worldwide students (four): calculated according to the range of current MBA students by citizenship and the percentage whose nationality differs from the state in which they analyze — the determine in the table. ‡ 

Worldwide board (two): percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the state in which the school is centered. 

Worldwide mobility (six): centered on alumni citizenship and the nations around the world exactly where they worked ahead of their MBA, on graduation and three several years following. 

Worldwide study course encounter (three): calculated according to whether the most current graduating MBA course completed exchanges and business internships, long lasting at minimum a thirty day period, in nations around the world other than exactly where the school is centered. For 2021, the calculation was centered on the average across the earlier two or three several years of international study course encounter info, if readily available. For schools that have taken section for the initially time this yr, only info from the 2021 study were being made use of.

More languages (1): quantity of languages required on graduation, excluding English. § 

College with doctorates (five): percentage of full-time college with a doctoral degree. 

FT research rank (ten): calculated according to the quantity of article content published by current full-time college members in fifty selected educational and practitioner journals in between January 2018 and July 2020. The FT50 rank combines the absolute quantity of publications with the quantity weighted relative to the faculty’s dimensions. 

Corporate social accountability (three): proportion of teaching hrs from main programs dedicated to CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues. 

Overall gratification **: average evaluation by alumni of the study course, scored out of ten. After alumni answered different questions about their MBA encounter, they were being questioned to amount their overall gratification, on a ten-level scale. This determine is not made use of in the rating. 

Educational facilities with a fifty:fifty (male/feminine) composition receive the highest feasible score in the three gender-associated criteria. 

§ Alumni who completed MBA in between July 2019 and June 2020. 

# Involves info for the course of 2017 and a single or two previous courses exactly where readily available. 

‡ Even though we recognise the difference in between Chinese and Taiwanese scholars and students, inside China no this kind of difference may have been noticed when recording range. 

** Classification not made use of in the rating. 

The FT research rank was calculated applying Clarivate Analytics info from the World-wide-web of Science, an abstract and citation databases of research literature.