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Five Reasons Why It Is Important For Your Dog To Have A Bed

Helps Prevent Behavioural Problems

Although it might be nice and adorable having your dog lying next to you, be aware that it is never a great idea. Your dog may be very affectionate and sweet, but you will eventually discover that the major reason why your dog is sleeping in your bed is due to the fact that he believes it’s the most comfortable place to sleep. Sooner or later he will completely take over your whole bed. When he does this, he might growl at you each time you command him to get down, especially after you have already made him feel that he has every right to be there.

Contributes to the Health of Your Dog

Your dog deserves to get unlimited treats and belly rubs if he is a good boy and doesn’t take over your entire bed. However, one thing that he definitely doesn’t deserve is a makeshift bed that is made out of deformed pillows and old blankets. Of course, your dog always will give you a wagging tail and happy smile no matter what type of bed you provide him with. Unfortunately, a bad bed can endanger his health when he needs to deal with a small space and a limited number of sleeping positions available to him. An uneven or hard surface, as well as uncomfortable sleeping positions, can result in erratic sleep which can cause your dog to become lethargic and irritable. Note how a lack of sleep greatly affects your dog’s overall posture and well-being.

Keep Him Nice and Warm

The nice coat you purchased for your pet will not entirely keep away the bitter cold of winter. It is important for your dog to have a comfortable and warm bed so that he can stay snug during those long cold nights. If your dog is sleeping on the floor it will expose him to temperatures that are either lower or higher than what is good for his health and as a result, he can get sick, and possibly even die – in which case you would want to look into pet cremation in Staffordshire or nearby areas. Dogs are very vulnerable to changes in temperature. Therefore, to stay comfortable, they need to have the right amount of insulation. A self-warming dog bed is perfect for keeping your dog feeling comfortable and safe during bad weather. The beat thins to do during the extreme cold of winter is to give your dog an electric heating bed. In hotter weather, a cooling bed will keep him invigorated and fresh.

Helps Keep Your Furniture Protected

There are some dogs that love circling around and doing some burrowing or kneading before they settle into sleep finally. That can be quite unfortunate if your dog does that to your favourite rug or designer couch. It doesn’t matter how often you vacuum the sofa, he always will leave his trail of dander and fur. Until you get him a new bed and make the couch appear less appealing than his own bed, you can’t blame him for that. Other than your bed, it is the next best place for him to sleep.

Gives Him a Special Place of His Own

Like all of us, dogs like getting away from cats, noisy house guests, misbehaving children, and even their own humans sometimes. Dogs sleep for over 10 hours per day. That is why it is important for them to have a comfortable place to sleep that they can access at any time, and not on the couch where he has to compete with your cat or wait in line. Having a dog bed of his own is the best way to ensure he has is own peaceful retreat to relax and sleep in. Dogs are very territorial and greatly value their possessions.

Ultimately, purchasing a dog bed is among the most important decision that a dog owner can possibly make. Keep in mind that a dog bed isn’t a great way to show off how much money you can spend and waste. Good dog parents know better than that. You won’t ever understand the necessity of a dog bed unless you consider your dog to be a member of your family.

A dog bed isn’t simply a random soft area for your dog to relax and sleep. It provides your dog with a feeling of security and privacy. Most important of all, it positively impacts your dog’s health. When selecting a dog bed, ensure that it provides optimum comfort, warmth, sufficient weight and joint support, and proper insulation.