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Early Days of the Biden Presidency: The Quiz

A new presidential administration and a new political celebration keeping a voting the greater part in the U.S. Senate heighten the uncertainty for U.S. executives. Whilst it’s not likely Congress will pass any new taxes through the pandemic, the condition deserves looking at. How carefully have you been adhering to the early times of the Biden administration?

one. Janet Yellen is the to start with man or woman to be chair of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Secretary, and which other submit?

A. Secretary of the Commerce Department
B. President of the Earth Financial institution
C. Chair of the White Dwelling Council of Economic Advisers
D. President of the New York Federal Reserve Financial institution

2. When does the 4-12 months term of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell finish?

A. December 2021
B. September 2021
C. February 2022
D. June 2022

3. Which of the adhering to White Dwelling careers does NOT have to have Senate affirmation?

A. Main of the Modest Business enterprise Administration
B. National Stability Adviser
C. Surgeon Basic
D. Director of the National Economic Council

4. Which 1 of these is NOT 1 of President Joe Biden’s stated financial goals?

A. Increase the top rated company income tax price
B. Tax capital gains and dividends at regular charges for superior earners
C. Tax gains acquired from international subsidiaries at 39%
D. Impose a 15% minimal tax on e book income

five. Which 1 of these proposals is in Biden’s unexpected emergency financial system?

A. A 3rd iteration of the Paycheck Safety System, for midsize organizations
B. A $two hundred for each month Social Stability improve
C. Two weeks paid leave for all heath treatment staff
D. Temporary income tax aid for all low-income staff

6. Whom did President Biden nominate as U.S. Trade Representative?

A. Katherine Tai
B. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
C. Amy Celico
D. Michael Kantor

seven. The Biden Cupboard nominations bundled three former governors and two mayors. Who is not 1 of all those 5 nominees?

A. Marty Walsh
B. Gina Raimondo
C. Jennifer Granholm
D. Gretchen Whitmer

8. Which of the higher than nominees co-launched a enterprise capital agency?

Responses: one-C 2-C 3-B 4-C five-B 6-A seven-D 8-B

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