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Lying on your CV: Not a Good Idea!

Simple omission, small falsification or big invention, in the world of work where the competition is stiff and the prospect of unemployment frightens, it can be tempting to “embellish” your CV to better your odds at finding a job. But is it really useful to falsify your professional experiences, invent degrees and hide inactivity? No, it isn’t! 

Protect your Reputation by Remaining Honest on your CV

Legally, you do not risk much except if you choose a regulated profession for which a diploma is compulsory (nurse, lawyer, etc.). But that does not mean you do not risk anything at all. And depending on the nature of the lie, the consequences can be hard to bear. First and foremost, you risk being discredited. If lying on your CV is easy, it is much less during an interview, especially when the recruiter is a master in the art of unmasking counterfeiters.

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The different Types of Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Most manufacturing industries choose polyethylene foam as their packaging solution. In fact, polyethylene is even one of the most used packaging materials in the world. The material is a type of flexible and recyclable plastic. It is manufactured, just like all other plastics, with oil. But do not worry, it is environmentally friendly.

The Different Polyethylene Foam Solutions

The main types of polyethylene foam available on the market we are low density PE (LDPE), medium density PE (MDPE) and COEX.

Low Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Low density polyethylene foam is a bright and flexible material, also transparent by nature. This plastic material is often colored in white, which has a dynamic effect on the print colors. LDPE can be colored in other colors on request, according to your manufacturing industry’s needs. Of course, such a demand implies a higher minimum quantity and an additional price.

Medium Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

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La cage d’élevage idéal pour votre canari

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Les animaux à plumes sont en ce moment très prisés dans les foyers. En effet, ceux-ci sont adorables, très intelligents et nous enchantent par leurs chants d’une grande beauté. C’est le cas du canari qui est juste exceptionnel. Ainsi, pour qu’il se sente en sécurité, il faut le mettre dans les meilleures conditions. C’est pour cela qu’il se doit d’avoir un habitat de qualité. Sa cage doit ainsi réunir certains facteurs afin de lui fournir un bien-être quotidien. Voici quelques éléments qui vous seront utiles pour vous permettre de bien choisir une cage pour votre canari.

 La taille de la cage

La cage où se trouve votre canari se doit de respecter certaines dimensions. En effet, votre canari se doit d’être dans de bonnes conditions afin de faire quelques envols, se percher et se nourrir tranquillement. Pour un seul canari, les dimensions à respecter sont : 40 x 20 x … Read More

Five Reasons Why It Is Important For Your Dog To Have A Bed

Helps Prevent Behavioural Problems

Although it might be nice and adorable having your dog lying next to you, be aware that it is never a great idea. Your dog may be very affectionate and sweet, but you will eventually discover that the major reason why your dog is sleeping in your bed is due to the fact that he believes it’s the most comfortable place to sleep. Sooner or later he will completely take over your whole bed. When he does this, he might growl at you each time you command him to get down, especially after you have already made him feel that he has every right to be there.

Contributes to the Health of Your Dog

Your dog deserves to get unlimited treats and belly rubs if he is a good boy and doesn’t take over your entire bed. However, one thing that he definitely doesn’t deserve … Read More

Pet Boarding Or Pet Sitting – Which Is The Best Option

Owning a dog is a pleasure for you most of the time until you are going out of town for a vacation or business trip. This is when you have to decide whether pet boarding or pet sitting is a better alternative for you. Since they are different, you will need to figure out which will be best for your pet.

Pet Boarding

When you use pet boarding for your dog while you are away, you will find that they will receive great amenities. They will be able to watch dog tv, and plexiglass run, and more. It is a pet hotel that you will be able to leave your pet in for the duration of your trip. There are so many great things that your pet can enjoy when you give them the pet boarding option.

What Is The Price For Pet Boarding?

You will find that the prices … Read More