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Same Time, Same Place, Same Level – Chapter 19

EmergencyLight – Phantom Menace

Winter flying in real, cold continental climate is hard on pilots, aeroplanes and controllers alike. The somewhat lower traffic volume is frequently offset by the delays resulting from snow and ice on the runway, or the occasional broken-down snow-sweeper…

As you will see, cold winter air has a number of its own tricks up its sleeve. Darkness had fallen some hours earlier when the last departure of the day, a cargo 707 roared into the air, leaving a flurry of snow swirling above the frozen runway long after the plane was gone. Alone in the air, they climbed swiftly in the thick, cold air and it looked like another routine end to the day.

In no time at all, however, departure control was shaken out of its peaceful reverie when the pilot of the Boeing announced in a shaken voice that he was taking avoiding action … Read More

Quelle cage pour votre oiseau ?

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Le choix d’une cage pour votre oiseau est très important. En effet, il s’agit d’une habitation dans laquelle votre oiseau compte vivre pour une durée non déterminée. Dès lors, il faut savoir qu’une cage est avant tout un lieu de vie où votre oiseau mange, dort, prend son bain ou fait sa toilette. Il ne s’agit alors nullement d’un lieu où il devrait se retrouver enfermé. Alors, quelle cage choisir pour votre oiseau ?

D’abord, choisir une taille convenable

Pour bien choisir la cage de chant pour votre oiseau, il est important d’opter pour une grande cage au niveau de la longueur plutôt qu’en hauteur. L’objectif, c’est d’offrir à votre oiseau plus de liberté, car un oiseau en liberté a besoin de plus d’espace pour circuler et voler. Veillez alors à bien choisir la cage si l’on sait que l’oiseau va y figurer presque tout le temps. Si vous avez un … Read More

Safety Reminders When Riding An Aircraft

Aircraft safety is an important consideration for anyone who flies. Even though cars are much more dangerous than aircraft, planes inspire more fear than cars by their very nature as flying machines and because they remove control of the craft from the passengers. Regulatory bureaus such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) take aircraft safety just as seriously as passengers do. This agency is tasked with creating and enforcing all regulations that affect aircraft safety. One way to pay attention is that the plane you are riding in is by looking at how fleet engineers are.

No other industry is as strictly regulated as the aircraft industry. Every company in the industry, from the giant manufacturers to the smallest parts suppliers, must meet strict standards. Every part created for every aircraft must meet strict tolerance limits; if it does not, it must be discarded and cannot be used. These regulations … Read More

Family Restaurants Adapt International Cuisine

In India we have a culture of eating together at a dinner table, or lunch table for a family meal and this has given rise to the family steak house ho chi minh concept. Globally, family restaurants are usually associated with fine dining, dining which happens only on occasions, but in India every meal is an occasion. Families and extended families break bread together in all cultural and religious backgrounds, in India. This is the reason why most India restaurants have a family restaurant seating – where they can accommodate a family members. And families in India are large! The western concept of individuals going for a meal alone is generally frowned upon.

Indian food, however, is a very broad term even in India. Considering the range of cuisines India has to offer, Indian food restaurants cannot be one kind of cuisine in India. Maybe in another country when they … Read More

Jet Aircraft For Your Travels

Traveling is such a cool and fun thing to do. You will be able to visit a lot of places, meet new people, taste delicious foods and experience various cultures. Traveling also allows you to relax and just enjoy your days. A person who wants to travel must be able to feel at ease and convenient for him to fully enjoy this activity. One way to make sure that you will be at ease, you will need to have your own jet aircraft that you can use in your travels. Having this will allow you to go to places without so much hassle like booking tickets could bring you. Try to consider having a good aircraft. As you choose the right one that you will buy, you will surely need some guide to choose the best. You also have to pay attention to fleet engineering.


The first … Read More