Swedish analysis suggests World Health Organization may be underestimating spread of COVID-19 coronavirus

Just yesterday, officers from the Environment Health and fitness Business mentioned the unfold of the COVID-19 coronavirus has been slowing down, which means it likely will not increase to the stage of a pandemic as some experienced feared.

But new research coming out of Sweden suggests the coronavirus most likely has a more powerful means to unfold than WHO has approximated so considerably, basing this on a review of earlier experiments of the coronavirus’ transmissibility.

Primarily based on the conclusions from Sweden’s UmeĆ„ College, the COVID-19 virus is at the very least as transmissible as SARS, an additional coronavirus that brought on common concern when it commenced spreading many a long time in the past.

What’s THE Impression

WHO estimates that the coronavirus has a transmissibility, expressed as a copy number, of concerning 1.four and two.five. A copy number is a measurement of how a lot of men and women

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