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Beware of 4 upcoming Google updates

Google updates are mostly focused on webmasters and SEOs everywhere. They keep their eyes on each update to learn about website rankings, privacy policy, and search engine updates. These updates can be minor i.e. updates in data refreshing and filtering applications. Major updates are the changes in Google algorithms. But both updates have a single goal “to improve the quality and relevancy of search results”. Usually, updates are made to rank the websites according to companies whether they are general or specific. Trustworthy companies that have more reputation are ranked above general companies. With every update criteria of ranking changes could be beneficial for some companies but some will be left out.

This blog is about google search updates and upcoming updates that you should watch out for. Keep reading the complete article to learn more.

1. Core Updates

SEO companies are more impacted by Core updates. Core updates are the changes in Google algorithms to rank the sites according to different criteria. Some SEO companies keep chasing every google update to remain in no.1 ranking. But nothing is permanent in google algorithms hence, core updates change ranking criteria every time. Recent core changes were not made clear to SEO companies that’s why they experienced drastic changes in the ranking of their content and company. SEO companies should watch out for core updates as it is affecting their ranking with each upcoming update.

2. Data Tracking

Google search engine is continuously updating its algorithms and asking for personal data to be used for information purposes that are also known as cookies. Google collects information about your browsing habits and shows you more relevant ads. But everyone is spooky about the privacy of personal data and it’s their obligation to learn about how a company is using their personal information. Although it’s for business purposes, one should watch out for these updates because, in this scenario, the seller already knows everything about you without leaving any choice for you to reveal your demand and need.

3. Deduplication

Deduplication updates affect SEO companies. Deduplication removes the duplicate results so that a Url won’t appear both in SERP and featured snippets. In organic search, featured snippet Url will not be visible but it is advantageous only for those companies that don’t have featured snippets.

4. Continuous Scrolling

Continuous scrolling is an update by google that they claim would help people to get the results for their search immediately. But it comes with some disadvantages that you should notice.

• This update is copied from other social media websites and feeds.

• You will spend more time on-site eventually more ads will appear.

• Continuous scrolling initially shows some glitches too.

• Endless streaming will consume more people’s time.


Google search updates affect both, the SEO companies and the people who search for anything on the google search engine. Google is making life easier but also making data privacy challenging day by day. Every update about ranking affects different companies in many ways. They have to try hard every time to remain in the game and cope up with these updates. Future updates will be more challenging for data privacy, data tracking, and data ranking so you have to beware of these updates ahead of time.