Cotton growers may face seed shortage as they prepare to expand acreage

Offer of cottonseeds may grow to be limited in the coming kharif year if farmers choose to grow the space below the fibre crop going by the superior value that prevailed throughout the recent year to September. Cottonseed production and top quality were being affected past year due to abnormal rains in the vital generating Point out of Telangana and some pieces of Tamil Nadu.

“Due to ongoing rains past year, there was whole lot of injury to seed production in Telangana and Tamil Nadu. In Telangana, the premier producer of cottonseeds, production dropped twenty-25 for every cent. As a end result, there may well be a limited supply condition this kharif year if the demand from customers goes up,” reported M Ramaswami, Founder, Rasi Seeds, the premier participant in the section.

Cotton is cultivated throughout the kharif year commencing June and the crop is harvested from September-end onwards with

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