Tom Peters: McKinsey’s work on opioid sales represents a new low

The writer is an writer on administration and his following guide is ‘Excellence Now: Extraordinary Humanism’

This thirty day period McKinsey agreed to pay back just about $600m to settle statements that its assistance had exacerbated the fatal US opioid disaster.

The consultancy advised Purdue Pharma on shelling out “rebates” to pharmacies dependent on the quantity of people today who died or turned addicted just after taking the company’s painkiller OxyContin. One 2017 presentation bloodlessly calculated that if Purdue paid out $fourteen,810 for every “event”, and 2,484 prospects of the CVS pharmacy chain overdosed or turned addicted in 2019, Purdue would pay back CVS $36.8m that calendar year.

As a McKinsey alumnus, my reaction was simply just: “Dear God!” My many years of delight in the firm evaporated as I read through of the settlement. In truth, I asked a colleague, in earnest: “Should I clear away McKinsey from my

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