How to rethink your way to an open mind

Dialogue with Adam Grant is peppered with what he and his students call “ahas” — to denote “eureka” times and insights.

A little but perhaps considerable “aha” occurs at the finish of our videocall, when he is conversing about how to make improvements to online conferences. Rather of the regular automated invitation to amount seem and movie excellent, “as an organisational psychologist . . . I would give folks a one particular or two-query study,” he claims. “Was this a successful or efficient conference?” Pretty soon, organisations would have usable information about when to timetable phone calls for the most effective results, and with whom.

It is an case in point in miniature of the difficulties that encourage Prof Grant and of his tireless travel to gather evidence that could possibly clear up them.

At 39, the prolific Wharton business enterprise faculty star is already one particular of the most

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