4 important things Vanguard investors have in common

As a Vanguard investor, you are aspect of a community that’s lively and various. You symbolize various ages, genders, races, religions, and ethnicities. You are called to various vocations. Though you each individual have a various story to notify, our latest analysis demonstrates that you are united by a typical thread—a shared established of investing values.

There are 4 main investing rules at the coronary heart of Vanguard’s philosophy: targets, balance, controlling expenditures, and willpower. Let’s just take a closer search to see how our investors are placing them into action.

one. Plans

Each and every productive investing journey begins with a established of clear targets. Plans come in all designs and sizes, from major kinds like retirement or higher education to tiny kinds like a trip or a she-get rid of for the backyard. Anything goes!

Once you have your targets in thoughts, you can pick out account sorts

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