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Waste is only squander if you are unable to place it to superior use! EU-funded scientists have formulated a round worth chain deriving earnings sustainably from wet straw, biogas digestate and equivalent residues, by means of products and solutions this kind of as fertiliser, fuel pellets and mushroom substrate – and boosting vitality generation in the course of action.

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The EU-funded round overall economy venture MUBIC targeted on the transformation of minimal-worth agricultural squander into large-worth products – just one of which is utilized to develop mushrooms, whose cultivation the associates set out to revolutionise.

Additional particularly, this products is a new sort of mushroom substrate, the substance on which the mushrooms are developed. ‘Along with other outputs, this kind of as fuel pellets, fertiliser, and pre-treated feedstock for a lot quicker biogas production, the course of action formed in MUBIC also provides substantial sustainability

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