Trial for Lawsuit Against Intel, Micron, Set for September

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An opaque yet intriguing court case drags on…

Two years after filing suit, the litigants suing chip makers Intel and Micron over rights to a cutting edge new memory technology are still awaiting for the trial to take place.

This week, they may finally get some clarity on next steps.

At stake, potentially, is a share of licensing rights to 3D XPoint (pronounced “cross point”): technology described by Intel and Micron in a joint July 2015 release as “the first new memory category since the introduction of NAND flash in 1989”.

(Just last week Intel’s Raja Koduri noted that the chipmaker was making strides in improving the technology, saying: “We have been working hard on this memory technology and have doubled the density… Our second-generation Optane SSD will move to PCIe gen 4 and our goal is to exceed 2X performance gain.”

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