Healthcare has an opportunity to improve patient engagement for those with traumatic brain injuries

Patient engagement is an important component of how hospitals and health and fitness programs do enterprise and it can encompass many unique initiatives, from featuring on the net scheduling abilities to sending textual content reminders to people for observe-up treatment. But when it will come to individuals with traumatic brain accidents, some of individuals affected person engagement efforts can be missing.

Comprehending the nature of traumatic brain personal injury, or TBI, can help to illuminate why that is. And several men and women fully grasp TBI superior than Laura Jantos.

Jantos, a retired healthcare facts technology expert and constitution president at HIMSS, endured the to start with of two traumatic brain accidents during a snowboarding incident in 2012. In 2018, she endured a next incident of TBI, and just lately in a HIMSS20 digital presentation, she spoke about her issues — and how the healthcare technique has an chance to

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