Placenta: Pet superfood or not?

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In recent years, controversy has arisen regarding a unique medical trend called placentophagy for its supposed nutritional and health benefits.

This may not be a common procedure that you can find in any pet hospital Virginia Beach yet has been gaining momentum in medical circles and health or nutrition communities.

The process involves the preservation of a mother’s placenta after childbirth and consumed. In the United States, the most common method of placentophagy involves freeze-drying the placenta then processing it into powder form and filled into pills or capsules.

It is natural for mother dogs to eat the placenta, also known as afterbirth, of new-born puppies. Any veterinarian Virginia Beach VA would not hesitate to advise preventing mothers from eating the placenta for health reasons; however, it is advised to not let the dog eat more than two at the time of birth.

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