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With wireless communications and the Internet, all are becoming too accessible. The line between work time and home time is dangerously blurred. Though sales persons never cease representing the companies they work for, there must be a transparent demarcation.

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The second drawback is an outdated technique: I?ve held many discussions with people who have tried chain letters in the past. Some had success, some had failure. Opinions fluctuate climate chain letters have ever labored at all. But virtually everyone I?ve ever talked to about their expertise with chain letters agrees that chain letters are actually outdated! What do I mean by this? Chain letters could have labored back within the Nineteen Sixties or Nineteen Seventies. I know a person who is in his 50s who tried chain letters again within the Nineteen Seventies. He truly made several thousand dollars! But that was in Nineteen Seventies! … Read More