How To Do Click To Call Ad

Email Marketing Is Dead – The Statistics and Social Proof

How To Do Click To Call Ad

Prepare to be confronted! In fact the digital marketing world may claim that we are borderline insane, however the powerful variable which continues to influence the serge of the digital marketing industry into the 21st century is simple – Statistics don’t lie. SEO

We are about to expose the most common sense yet alarming statistics that will prove to business owners worldwide why they must ditch their email marketing and list building efforts, in exchange for a social media strategy that will reduce your online marketing costs and will take your business right to the cutting edge.

This strategy has the potential to even explode your lead generation!

The buzz around social media and the willingness of Facebook to welcome the business world into their community is not news, but let’s take a … Read More

Atos delivers its Quantum Learning Machine to Japan

Paris, Might thirteen, 2020

Atos, a world leader in electronic transformation, these days declared that it has marketed its Atos Quantum Understanding Equipment (QLM), the world’s maximum-doing commercially accessible quantum simulator, by means of its APAC distributor Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI), in Japan. This is the initial QLM that Atos has marketed in Japan.

Quantum computing is a essential precedence for Japan. It launched a committed 10-calendar year, ¥30 billion ($280 million) quantum study plan in 2017, followed by a ¥100 billion ($900 million) financial commitment into its Moonshot R&D Program – a single emphasis of which will be to produce a fault-tolerant common quantum laptop to revolutionize the financial system, sector, and safety sectors by 2050.

Combining a higher-run, ultra-compact device with a common programming language, the Atos Quantum Understanding Equipment permits researchers and engineers to build and experiment with quantum software package. It is the world’s only

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