Natural Ways to Control Sebum Production

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To control the overproduction of sebum, we must first find out why sebum is created. The overproduction of sebum is normally related to the change in hormone levels in the body. Another reason could be the unreasonable drying of the scalp that causes the hair follicles to produce more sebum to counteract dryness. The terrible cleaning of the hair and the excessive use of sustenance stain can also cause an excessive production of sebum. So, now that we know the causes, how would we control the production of sebum in the hair?

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1. Eat well

Eat a tight and complete diet that is rich in vitamins and proteins, which guarantees great capillary wellness. Be sure to also include minerals such as zinc and sulfur that help improve the spread in the body and also control the fat on the skin and scalp.


2. Massage with jojoba oil

A rub of oil to cut the elegant scalp? , you can ask Considered everything, only a decent oil can help to expel the terrible oil from the skin. Use 3-4 teaspoons of jojoba oil and give your hair a delicious back massage. Give your hair the opportunity to absorb the oil for 60 minutes. Jojoba oil directs the oil that is created in the hair follicles. Cleaner after.


3. Refrain from using shampoos with sulfates

Sulfates are really industrial cleaners used to expel oil and dirt. You can imagine how brutal they can be in your delicate hair follicles. It becomes scarce the hair follicles and makes them overproduce oil. So refrain from using sulfate-based shampoos and, instead, choose a soft, natural cleanser.


4. Rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly

The cleaner or conditioner trapped in the scalp can also cause smart scalp. So be sure to rinse your hair extremely well after washing with shampoo, until the time the water comes out clean. Also, as a final rinse, use ice water to seal the hair follicles. The high-temperature water will open them even more and the oil will begin to ooze out. This will helps to sebum control.


5. Rinsing lemon juice

After shampooing, conditioning and rinsing the hair, complete a final rinse with about a little water, which includes the juice of a large portion of lemon. It can choke the hair follicles and also control the excess oil in the hair follicles.


6. Eliminate the development

Too many elements of style in the scalp can lead them to accumulate in the hair follicles and produce oil to expel them. So be sure to use a pop glue to bake with water to rub on the scalp and thus expel any development of the item. Wash it with warm water.


7. Vitamin B in the diet

Vitamin B helps control the top oil delivered to the scalp and skin. Eat new natural products, meat, eggs, angles and green vegetables to get your daily measurements of vitamin B and keep the fat under control.


8. Dry shampoo

Using a dry cleaner is a practical solution for oiliness in the scalp. It will also maintain a strategic distance from unreasonable hair washing with cruel shampoos that can ruin the natural oil setting in the body.


Feel free to check more details about sebum control.